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Furnishing a kids room can be a daunting task for many parent. Children furniture can not be designed same way as for adults. If not, then how? Youth furniture first and foremost must have different dimensions, but smaller sizes are not everything! Let's take baby cots for example. At first, construction seems very simple – smaller size, a mattress, bed support and that that's it!. This is not a way, however. One must keep in mind very important fact, the baby will spend a great deal of time in it – it'll sleep, sit, jump, that is why baby cot must be sturdy and safe. Knowing that children furniture should not have sharp corners and parts, which in turn could be easily ripped away. Children's imagination has no limits, they love fairy tales, so they like to be in rooms full of color where they feel special, like the heroes from their beloved tales. When designing furniture for kids all of the above must be taken into account. Teen beds should reflect the needs of their users too.


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